Making PPC a Part of Your SEO Strategies

A wide variety of techniques can be used to drive traffic to a desired website. SEO tends to get the lions share of attention from webmasters, and rightfully so. It is a tried and true technique that places solid online content at the heart of any campaign designed to improve the online visibility of a client’s web-page.

Pay Per Click, on the other hand, can often be seen as a kind of inelegant shortcut to a similar result. Increasing a website’s visibility through PPC ads seems to fly at the heart of a sound SEO strategy. But PPC and SEO can work well together, with PPC doing a lot of the initial heavy lifting.

PPC as Advertising

Some SEO strategists think of PPC as an unsavory trick that circumvents their hard won expertise. But truth be told, PPC is little more than advertising. All SEO strategies employ a variety of techniques to achieve their goal, and advertising should certainly be one of them.

When looked at in this light, PPC becomes just another tool in the webmasters online arsenal. Pay-per-click ads are really no different than any other form of advertising, whether it’s appearing in print, or on radio and television.

Quick Results

One of the biggest advantages of PPC is the immediacy of trackable results. As soon as the click-through ad is placed, and the page-link is forged, webmasters will be able to gather information that will be vital to all subsequent SEO strategies.

This is particularly important when a new site debuts on the internet. Organic search results take time to build, and even with the best SEO techniques it will be some time before the page rankings and click-throughs begin to improve.

PPC allows webmasters to increase the initial visibility of a website, all while collecting data that will help to build successful SEO strategies that will result in improved organic search results later. And, of course, while you’re gathering all of this useful information the site is beginning to get noticed through the PPC ads, and traffic is beginning to flow.

Positive and Negative Keywords

The proper use of keywords helps to drive solid SEO techniques, and the information derived from strategic PPC will help webmasters identify successful keyword combinations.

The trackable information from PPC click-throughs allows webmasters and SEO strategists to see what search terms are bringing the most attention to their PPC ads. With this information in hand, they can begin to integrate successful keywords into their SEO strategies, making them more effective and ultimately improving the sites organic search results.

In this way the use of PPC can help to jump start a viable SEO campaign by identifying positive and negative keywords which will later be used to improve the site’s placement in organic search results. This alone makes the cost of PPC ads well worth the investment, as the traffic from PPC will ultimately help to drive the traffic from organic search results.

Use Your PPC Content to Develop Your Organic Search Strategies

This is one of the areas where the immediacy of PPC results can really inform your later SEO strategies. We’ve seen that tracking the PPCs that result in the most click-throughs will help to determine adwords and key phrases to be used in SEO strategies.

By determining the PPCs that result in the highest number of conversions, webmasters will have the information they need to build more successful title tags, meta descriptions and content to improve the site’s organic rankings.

PPC ads can be used to test a web-page’s attributes, and that information can be applied to later SEO strategies. The major benefit here is the quick results that come from PPC ads.

Webmasters and SEO strategists can see what is working and what is not working fairly quickly, and apply that knowledge to later strategies. Organically testing title tags, content and meta descriptions requires time, and while that data is being assessed the website can suffer from too little traffic.

PPC ads can be used to help lay the foundation for many future SEO decisions. The information collected through PPC campaigns provides vital information that will help SEO strategists build stronger, and more successful, online content resulting in improved organic search results. PPC ads should no longer be seen as a necessary evil, but as a reliable tool in your SEO arsenal.